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Importance Of Behavioral Health Services & Where To Find Them In Naperville

Behavioral health services are medical care where the emotions and behavior of a person are looked after. Psychologists and psychiatrists are the major healthcare providers who specialize in behavioral health. They can even assist in providing the proper care and treatment for recovery.  

If you are considering behavioral health services, there must be a lot of questions in your mind. These questions may include: Why are behavioral health services important? Is it worth taking behavioral health services? Where to find the best behavioral health services in Naperville? Here, we will be trying to answer all these questions so you can make a final choice. Let’s start. 

What Is The Importance Of Behavioral Health?

Behavioral health signifies an individual’s behaviors. It even emphasizes how they influence their physical and mental well-being. The providers of Behavioral health services are highly skilled professionals. They can recognize behaviors that may negatively or positively affect your health. They can assist you in implementing positive behaviors by replacing the negative ones.

With a holistic approach from these professionals, you can expect to get a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle.

Facts About Behavioral Health

  • Some people going through mental health issues do not receive proper treatment, or they lack the needed resources. 
  • About 53 million adults are suffering from mental disorders. Still, only 40 percent of them are getting the treatment actively.
  • There have also been researches stating that physical and behavioral health are interconnected. 
  • Over 68 percent of adults suffering from mental health disorders have certain medical ailments.

Difference Between Mental Health And Behavioral Health 

Some people feel that behavioral health and mental health are the same. But they aren’t. There are many differences between the two. Mental health is considered as a part of behavioral health. It implies that improvement methods that behavioral health provides can improve an individual’s mental well-being. For instance, eating a healthy diet and daily workout may aid in improving mental health.

There are many ways to differentiate mental health and behavioral health from each other. Also, you can compare common mental ailments with behavioral health disorders. There are many identifiable mental health issues that do not belong to the behavioral health category. Schizophrenia and anxiety disorder are a few examples. Some behavioral health disorders that don’t belong to mental health issues are eating disorders and substance abuse.

What Does Behavioral Health Services Provide?

Behavioral health services offer treatment for both mental well-being and substance abuse. Here are some of the key areas of behavioral health services:

Withdrawal Management

A person undergoes a detoxification from alcohol and other drugs in withdrawal management. In this process, there is involvement of assessment, intake, health screening, and more. But, it is all dependent on the individual’s and the program’s necessity.

There will also be involvement in the assessment of what the further steps would be for a successful recovery. So, this is an important part of how well a person’s journey to recovery is managed. 

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is the cornerstone of addiction recovery services. Throughout the treatment, the person will be in a secure and organized setting. They can also learn the necessary skills to lead a fruitful life free of drugs.

There will be assessment and treatment planning as well as counseling and medical services during the process. The purpose of all these inclusions is to address risk management and preparation for continued recovery.

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Recovery is the process that demands resources that behavioral health services can provide. These resources can be case management, counseling, and support.

Case management includes personalized assistance and planning. It even offers management of treatment plans to prevent relapse. These also help in preventing relapse. Counseling services help in living a sober life and lasting recovery.

Why Do Some People Need Behavioral Health Services?

The professionals offering behavioral health services can diagnose and treat various behavioral issues. People having the following issues may need behavioral health services:

  • OCD
  • Developmental delays
  • PTSD
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Bedwetting
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Autism spectrum disorder

Behavioral health professionals can also deal with kids and teenagers undergoing any medical illness by offering the right therapy.

Healthcare Providers Specializing In Behavioral Health

Here is a brief breakdown of some healthcare providers who are well-versed in behavioral health:


A psychologist is someone who is qualified in the science of psychology. They also have extensive experience working in a clinical or research setting. For quick and seamless recovery of the patient, they diagnose and provide psychotherapy. 


Psychiatrists can aid by providing support in various challenges. These may include child and adolescent psychiatric problems and geriatric psychiatry. A psychiatrist may even prescribe medications for the recovery if needed in the patient’s case.

Social Workers

Social workers typically have managerial positions. They offer services within organizations and institutions that help people. Here are a few examples of the individuals who work in these areas:

  • Medical and health social workers
  • Child, family, and school social workers
  • Mental health and substance abuse social workers

Benefits of Behavioral Health Services

The entire body and the person’s health are the main focuses of behavioral health services. This will ensure that the patients are both physically and mentally fit. At iCare Psychiatry, we teach our patients to engage in healthy behaviors to live a life full of joy. 

With positive behavioral and mental health, the patients can work with more efficiency and better manage stress. They can even keep up a positive perspective and engage in healthy eating and exercising.

Where To Get The Best Behavioral Health Services In Naperville?

If you or someone you know needs behavioral health services, you can consider visiting iCare Psychiatry and Behavioral Services PLLC, Naperville. Our treatment approach includes psychiatric evaluations, medication assessment & management, along with helping the patient deal with stress and other disorders. 

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Behavioral health services intend to address the root cause of a certain behavior. Behavioral health services entail lots of conditions, disciplines, and therapy. An individual’s behavioral or mental health demands a holistic approach to treatment. Further, since this approach addresses every contributing issue, it may help the individual to have a complete recovery.

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