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Do you struggle with addiction?
We treat the following addictions:
  • Opioids-(Painkillers),
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Nicotine (cigarettes)

  • Do you want to help your loved ones embrace sobriety but don’t know where to get the best addiction treatment?
    iCare Psychiatry and Behavioral Services PLLC have expertise in treating drug and substance addiction. All our addiction patients receive individualized care. Contact us today to start a healthy and lasting recovery process.
    Comprehensive Mental Health Services
    We offer comprehensive psychiatric care services to individuals with mental health issues. No two individuals are the same, so we provide a customized plan for each patient based on their needs, convenience, and assessment data. Our services include psychiatric evaluation, medication assessment, crisis response, therapeutic intervention, and medication management.
    Treatment By Age
    Individuals can get affected by mental health issues at any point in life. At iCare Healthcare & Behavioral Services LLC, we cater to the mental health needs of people of all ages by offering comprehensive psychiatric care services, keeping in view their convenience and needs.
    Children & Adolescents
    Set your child up for lifelong success. The earlier mental disorders are identified and treated, the better the results. You can help your child redefine his destiny by focusing on improving their mental health. We at iCare Psychiatry and Behavioral Services PLLC support children and their families as they aspire to understand the significance of and learn the skills necessary to care for their mental health needs. We offer extensive and inclusive treatment programs, counseling sessions, and lifelong support to ensure they are on the right track.
    Professional psychiatric health & support for adults. Whether you are dealing with depression, addiction, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, trauma, or any mental health problem, we are here to help you with our comprehensive, customized mental health services. At iCare Psychiatry and Behavioral Services, PLLC, we are committed to providing evidence-based treatment to address their issues. We leverage a patient-centric approach to help our patients recover fully from their mental health issues. Book your appointment today by contacting us via email or phone.
    Addressing the mental health needs of elders with a unique approach. As people age, they are more prone to mental health issues. iCare Psychiatry and Behavioral Service PLLC can be a lifeline for your elderly. We are your trusted mental healthcare partners. We offer comprehensive, customized, affordable mental healthcare services to address elderly patients’ issues. The elderly may suffer from acute mental health issues; therefore, they need special care to keep them motivated throughout the treatment process. We listen to and understand their needs and offer tailored healthcare plans to ensure they remain healthy and happy and respond well to recovery.
    Treatment Programs By Condition
    Numerous mental health issues and disorders can make you miserable and interfere with daily living since they significantly impact your mood, thoughts, and behavior. We help people suffering from any mental condition by providing professional guidance and compassionate support. At iCare Psychiatry and Behavioral Services PLLC, we stand with you.
    Young Adults
    Compassionate care, extraordinary results. Mental disorders are common in young adults age 16 or older who are in High school, and college tend to suffer from mental health issues more often due to unforeseen reasons or traumatic experiences they might have encountered during their exams or heated argument(s). We offer top-notch mental health services for young adults to help address their issues by providing the right support, education, and skills to start their journey to attain peace of mind and sustainable life.
    Beat your anxiety with our psychotherapy. We provide top-notch mental health care for children and adults suffering from anxiety. Our treatment plans for anxiety help reduce symptoms and improve the patient’s mood, leading to full recovery. We utilize medication and management to treat all types of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social phobia, etc.
    Bipolar Disorder
    Seek professional help & support. iCare Psychiatry and Behavioral Services PLLC provide comprehensive mental health services for people with serious mental illnesses like bipolar disorder. We utilize various result-oriented strategies to treat this disorder successfully. We offer a customized treatment plan that covers medication and social support.
    Find light in the darkness. Communicate, don’t hesitate. A constant sense of despair or the inability to enjoy life are symptoms of depression. Depression frequently causes people to lose interest in routine activities. About 3.8% of the global population suffers from depression daily. If you’re experiencing any symptoms related to depression, you’re not alone. There are millions of people battling depression. We will support you and provide the treatment that keeps you better, so you can start the road to recovery immediately.
    Helping people with schizophrenia meet life’s challenges. Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness, a psychotic disorder, with symptoms including psychosis that may trigger and cause serious impairment of thoughts and emotions, causing a disconnection from reality. iCare Psychiatry and Behavioral Services PLLC provide a comprehensive treatment plan to cater to the needs of schizophrenic patients, leading them on the road to recovery.
    Eating Disorders
    Maintain your physical & mental health. Eating disorders are more common in adolescents. The treatment involves nutrition, medical, and psychological assessments of patients. We guide them through a comprehensive roadmap to regain their fitness. Compliance and treatment are essential to finding the disorder’s root causes and outcomes. At iCare Psychiatry and Behavioral Services PLLC, we help people with eating disorders and support them as they embark on a fitness journey.
    Improve symptoms & restore functioning. ADHD is a chronic disorder that impacts the individual’s life on various fronts, including personal relationships, academics, and profession. It can lead to social anxiety and low self-esteem in children if the issue is not addressed correctly. We at iCare Psychiatry and Behavioral Services PLLC offer top-notch ADHD treatment services for individual patients according to their needs and requirements. We provide medications for individuals with ADHD, supporting them throughout their journey to recovery.
    Sleep better at night. The most important step to finding a solution for your insomnia-related issues is understanding its root causes. Don’t worry, though. We have got your back. We at iCare Healthcare & Behavioral Services LLC are ready to help you. We will determine if the sleeping disorder is acute or chronic and what is the root cause of the problem. After that, we will develop a customized and personalized treatment plan combining counseling services, therapy sessions, and medications to help you eliminate sleepless nights.
    Adjustment Disorder
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